Technical Specifications for the Singer 301!


Principal Parts of a Singer Model 301


  • All 301's were in Traditional Black or Soft Beige.

  • All 301A's were in Traditional Black, Soft Beige, or Oyster-White and Solid Beige.


  • Width: 7 inches

  • Height: 11 inches

  • Length w/o Bed: 13 inches

  • Length Short Bed: 3 1/4" + 13" = 16 1/4 inches (Fits Vintage Singer Sewing Cabinets & Tables that have approximately 16 3/8" x 7" opening)

  • Length Long Bed: 6" + 13" = 19 inches (Fits Sewing Table with 19" x 7" opening)

  • Weight: 16.15 pounds

  • Weight with Case and foot controller: 22.8 pounds

  • Body: Made of die-cast aluminum for light weight plus sturdiness.

  • Stitch Mechanism: Vertical rotary hook on a horizontal axis makes the lockstitch, Stitch Type 301.

  • Motors Amperage: .53 amps

  • Gear Driven: provides a strong piercing force, no more hassles with belt slipping.

  • Speed: up to 1,600 stitches per minute (SPM).

  • Singer-light: built into the arm and lens focuses directly on work. Bulb changing is quick and easy.

  • Stitch Regulator: adjust the size of the stitch and controls forward and backward with finger-tip ease.

  • Numbered Tension: allows you to adjust tension easily and accurately for different threads and different weights of material.

  • Slant-Needle: an exclusive Singer feature. Brings your work out from under the arm. Means greater visibility . . . greater sewing pleasure with a 9 degree inclined needle bar.

  • Calibrated Throat Plate: helps guide stitching for uniform hems and seams. Etched scoring indicate point at which to pivot on the needle when turning square corners.

  • Extension Leaf: provides for easy access and removal of bobbin.

  • Feed Throw-Out: automatically lowers the feed for dawning or decorative work.

  • Hinged Face Plate: makes oiling and adjustment of the needle and pressure bars easy.

  • Built-In Carrying Handle: can be raised for easy carrying of machine.

  • Flexible Spool Spins: prevent possible damage to casting if accidentally jarred, and will not come loose or fall out.

  • Automatic Bobbin Winder and Extra Spool Spin: allows easy bobbin winding without unthreading the machine. Winding action is cut off automatically when bobbin is filled.

  • Fully Enclosed Base: prevents oil splattering when machine is used as a portable, also keeps moving parts clean.

  • Wide-range speed control: Makes it easier to sew slower - or faster- than on any other machine.

  • Starts at a touch: leaves both hands free.

  • Seam-width Guides: located on throat of plate.

  • Simplified Threading: quickest and easiest ever.

  • Knee and Foot Control: an exclusive, foot control as a portable, knee or foot control as a cabinet.

  • Forward and Back: at the flick of a lever will sew forward or back.

  • Bobbins: uses class 221/301 bobbins.

  • Needles: uses Class 15x1 needles, #2020. Needle is also self setting, it cannot be inserted incorrectly in the needle clamp. Push needle with it's flat side to the left up into needle clamp as far as it will go, then tighten thumb screw.

  • Full Size: not only is it portable but also a full size sewing machine. The best of both worlds.


Singer 301 Needle Setting & Threading Diagram


Singer 301 Oiling Points

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